Stop hair loss and get long, thick, silky hair - Dr. vivek joshi (2023)

DolaRay: It is better to squeeze all the juice out of the paste and then continue the process. After all the water has evaporated, allow the oil to cool down, store it in a glass bottle and use it regularly. Guaranteed result. Tried and tested.

Zeenat: Hi, ma'am. Touria Tounsi, I live in the Cold Country where there is no fresh amla (gooseberry) available, but Indian supermarkets have the powder I use, you can find it at your nearest Indian store. I cooked it with oil, amla powder, fenugreek seeds, black seeds, curry leaves and a piece of onion. After cooking, when cool, color and place in a small glass jar. Do not put it in the fridge, always keep it outside. After massaging into the scalp, I wash out the shampoo two hours later. bye zz

Schoschana Xaver: Hello Doctor. I watch a lot of your videos. In that particular video, you mentioned mustard oil. Can you suggest the best natural organic mustard oil you can buy to make this recipe? Thank you so much.

ABF SHOCK: Hi Dr. I am from Tamil Nadu and I have a Siddha Oil and Medicine Preparation Unit. I can make oil like your video. If you need this oil in bulk, we'll discuss it.

together with tsering: Your remedies are very useful.

Swathi Jasti: Hello doctor, can you show us how to do Kumkumadi Thailam according to the pure form of Ayurveda? it is my humble request

SKS SKS: Very informative - thank you Dr. We don't get fresh amla. Can we use amla powder? If yes, how to do this with amla powder. Please let me know .

kanchan shaw: Definitely worth it... Amazing sir, I am going to share this Amala oil with my friends and I am going to prepare it for myself too... Thank you for sharing and God bless you.. .

TOMORROW: Hello Doctor. Can I use amla powder (both from the supermarket)?

Akash Mishra: My maternal grandmother made this and our family uses the same oil. Very useful in hair loss and hair lightening.

Lucile Kuriakos: V.useful. I'll do it for sure. Thank you Dr. God bless you for all the useful information he provides.

Shrutika Benares: Thank you for such good content

TANUSHREE DUTTA: @vivek Sir, instead of grinding the soul pulp, can I boil it a bit to soften and crush it... and then follow the rest of the process? answer please

SP:dr. will this thicken the hair? Thanks doc ❤

Royal Shastripuram Company: Hello sir, I made this oil last night and I will surely check it after using it, your remedies work great for me, especially the hair serum and the glass-like skin mask..

Poonam SarkarMission: Thank you sir, can we use iron utensils?

nanda jay: Sir, it doesn't show how to use this.

varula kavita: Sir, can you make a video about histamine rich Indian food? I had eczema. I searched for this on many sites, but there was a lot of confusion and most of the sites talk about food from your country. Need to find high histamine Indian food to avoid eczema triggers... Sir Pkz tries to answer...

Mini R Saha: Thank you Doctor. Can we use castor oil or olive oil?

sorry pandy: Thank my Lord

Arshiya Riyaz: Wow, I loved it... But I have a question... Currants don't have the whole year... And the oil made only lasts 3 months dr...

teja sri: thank you Doctor

Ferdinand trip: Thanks, I'm from Australia. I can find out if the frozen berries and powder are okay. When I prepare frozen fruit, please let me know that my problem is that I had surgery for a month before something on my front left side heals and does not cause pain, but the damaged side of the head is a nagging pain all the time.

Savitri Bhupala: Doctor ji, Namathse, thank you for all your simple remedies and pointing us in the right direction.

Javareya Shafi: Thank you sir.. but can we use this oil daily?

Savita Ladkat: Gracias

georgina bryan: Dr Vivek, can you tell me if I can use Amla organic gooseberry powder and use the oils with it? As I am in the UK and can't buy fresh produce...thank you

Abolabi Shukurat Jumoke: thanks for the tutorial

Padmavati Prasanna Kumar: thank you Doctor

sleigh sleigh: May I know the amount of currant and oil?

varula kavita: Sir, don't send a video in a week, but try to answer some questions... someone like me really needs your help

neetu gotQuest: Sir, please tell me how to get rid of Luchhorrea. I have suffered from this for over 8 years. Please help me sir...and please also tell me about your causes

jasmine hashmi: Can we use amla powder?

Aditya: My ears are much whiter than my face, what should I do please tell me? I have naturally fair skin but it turned out too pale.

zenida mohamed: Can you make this with powder?

Tahmina Yasmine: Hello. dr. i am so grateful to you guys...i really need this...thank you so much...please tell me how many times we should use it in a week...another bunch of thanks.

Nardina Quarcoo: Hello doctor, can you use dried amla powder?

Touria Felt: Unfortunately we do not have this fruit in our country

mangla sarede: Tell us about onion oil. Can we combine it with this oil?

Agoi Obunso: I always enjoy watching your videos thank you sir

Vidya Nayak: Good evening Dr. Thnku, so much for this hair oil. Always stay blessed.

Bipascha Choudhary: Very good. If I have white sesame oil, is there any benefit too?

Smrutirekha Sahoo: Thank my Lord

Gita Mohan: Wow super hair oil...sir thank you very much

prangya das: Please, doctor, tell me how to order herbs from us. There are no options like "add to cart" or "buy". It always says that chat is not available at the moment when I try to ask how to order. please help

nanda jay: Thank you sir for showing this secret of oil production. Where do you live? I want to meet you about my personal health problem. Please give me your address sir!! God bless you!!

Maria Fernandes: great dr. Worth the effort. thank you so much

Rekha Y Kumar: Thank you sir, I can try

miss mom: Doc sat Ammla Powder Cash? We don't have fresh Ammla here.

About Aradna: Thank you very much sir

Sudha Bhupathi: Such a helpful video, thanks doc.

verde 9: Thanks for the video, I checked your products, very expensive

richa bhardwaj: What to do with the oil and the oil mixture?

Teresita Scavo: Gracias

adela pradeep: I don't understand, please explain, for 10 gooseberries you said a cup of oil, but during grinding you mixed less oil than when you used the leftover oil

rohini subbarao: I prepare it in the same way and add Alovera Jel, Brahmi Leaves, it is very beneficial

Siri Chethana: Namaste doctor sir i have hair loss so can i use berkowitz shampoo sir please answer me sir many times i asked you this sir please answer me sir

minus ula: Dr. Vivek could you tell me a remedy for scalp pain and a lot of hair loss such as baldness

Rajalakshmi Anand: Gracias

Virginia-Wolf: How many hv of amla did you use?

Food lover123: Hello sir, I have some frozen amla, can I use it as oil?

Sai Kalyani Nanduri: We can use frozen gooseberries for this, since we can't get amla here.

Shweta Suman: Charming. Can we use dried amla to make this oil?

rachna gurshani: How much amla is in 1.5 liters of oil?

Muthupandian de Umadevi: Please, sir, tell me an anti-aging solution.

Rica: I make this oil with sesame oil

Jamila Niazi: Gracias

Raghav Raghav: Any requirement for the red mole sir

please anjali: Doctor ji, you didn't say how many grams of gooseberry to put in the oil, please tell us

karem ahmed: Gracias

Rajiv Tamang: Sir please give me melasma melasma k liye please sir

Süßer Rinku: tips to get rid of dandruff plzzz dr

Ein Abdul Jameel Jameel: Hello Doctor. Please give me a cure for nephrotic children 4 year old baby

chick galaxy: Companies just want money, but Dr. Vivek is the real Dr. n very few doctors are true because we say that drs are close to god but in this world they are not close to god anymore money is close to god

Shanti Venkat: Doc, how do you become a patient? Where is your clinic/appointment? Hv asked this question several times but I didn't get an answer from you!

Mathilde Becker: We don't have that fruit here.

Firdaus Kan: Share some tips for hard water hair loss

اNegma: //رسالتي إلي كل مسلم "يااخواني قال الله عزوجل : يَٰٓأَيُّهَا ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ٱلَّذِينَ ءَامَنُواْ لَا تُبۡطِلُواْ صَدَقَٰتِكُم بِٱلۡمَنِّ وَٱلۡأَذَىٰ كَٱلَّذِي يُنفِقُ مَالَهُۥ رِئَآءَ ٱلنَّاسِ وَلَا يُؤۡمِنُ بِٱللَّهِ وَٱلۡيَوۡمِ ٱلۡأٓخِرِۖ فَمَثَلُهُۥ كَمَثَلِ صَفۡوَانٍ عَلَيۡهِ تُرَابٞ فَأَصَابَهُۥ وَابِلٞ Por algo de lo que ganaron Kinder, seht, wie ihr Zustand ein Kilo Mehl helfen würde, schwöre ich bei Gott, dass wir vor vor vor Hunger sterben würden, también mein zuundge Bruder, ich werde zu dir, und ich dich Umtes Got Willen zu helfen. sten, mein Bruder, Sie sind Männer, wenn Sie Ihre Familie hungrig sehen, werden Sie das Unmogliche tun, um sie mit einem Becher zu versorgen, after ich bin eine Frau, meine Augen sind es einsichtig und meine Hände sind kurz. //

Disciples of Toran:

SHYLA E.: Dr. Cider daily / Drinking continuously is good for your health or not, someone says that it is not good, after three months you have to stop for a month,

Harsha Sachdeva: Hello Doctor, where do you see patients in person? If anyone needs advice...

sorry pandy:

senait habemcheal: What is the name of the fruit please

Anees Fatima: Can we use a 3 year old girl?

let's do mizban: We don't have this fruit in my country.

Shajuan Stevens: Let's go


Suman Jaslin: Sir, very nice to see your smile.

Heshani Gayanthika: Dear doctor, your assistant is very kind.

Shama Maqsoud: In the summer what is alternatively

eggs with:sushma bangalore most helpful.clog

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