A guide to replacing kitchen countertops (2023)

kitchen countertopsThey are one of the most used surfaces in the entire house. The kitchen counter is an essential part of a functional kitchen. However, over time, regular use of a kitchen countertop can result in scratches, dents, chips, holes, burn marks, swelling and discoloration.

When kitchen countertops no longer match the desired aesthetic, are damaged beyond repair, or are too difficult to maintain, it's a good idea to look into countertop replacements. Consider new styles that match the look you want your home to look like, and research the different materials to find a suitable option with acceptable maintenance requirements. Cost, ease of installation, and repairability should also be considered when replacing an old or worn-out countertop. Learn everything you need to know with this guide to changing kitchen countertops.

Repair or replace?

The first question to ask yourself when your kitchen counter has seen better days is whether it can be fixed or if the only option is to replace it. Depending on the countertop material, this may be possible.polishing, paint or patch the surface of the countertop to restore it like new. For example, laminate countertops can be sanded and varnished for a new look, stone chips can be repaired with epoxy while the original piece is missing, or you can even find repair pens in the same color to fill in. visible scratches. .

However, if these options don't solve the problem or you think it's time for an update, replacing the kitchen countertop is an effective way to improve the aesthetics of the space. Just remember that the old and current kitchen counter needs to be removed.wardrobeand plumbing may need to be replaced or modified depending on the size, shape, weight and configuration of the new bench.

Before replacing kitchen countertops

Once you've decided to get rid of your existing countertops and replace them with new countertops, you need to consider the potential impact of this project on your kitchen and the rest of your home. Large renovation projects can take several days to complete, so it's a good idea to create a space outside the kitchen where you can prepare food.

When hiring professionals to complete the job, determine the closest entry point to the kitchen, place drop cloths between the door and the kitchen, and let the contractor know where to park. Also keep in mind that if you have an existing backsplash there is a chance that it will be damaged during the repair.Countertop installation. Also, cabinets may have hidden damage under the existing countertop that needs repair, or cabinets may need reinforcement before new countertops are installed.

ANDwithinand the faucet must also be removed, and any plumbing, gas, or electrical connections that might interfere with the installation must be disconnected to successfully complete the replacement project. Speak with the contractor to find out what you need to do to make the installation process as smooth and efficient as possible.

DIY or professional installation?

There are many jobs around the house that can easily be completed by an experienced handyman, although not all jobs are within the general skill set of the average repair and maintenance person. It's a good idea to evaluate your own skills and compare the result of a DIY job with the additional cost of hiring one.professional installer.

Keep in mind that kitchen countertops can weigh over 200 pounds. So if you decide to do this project, you'll probably need at least one other person to help you. Replacing your kitchen countertop yourself saves labor costs that can range from $10 to $30 per square foot.. However, if you don't have the necessary skills and experience to properly assess the situation and complete the job, chances are high that something will go wrong during the renovation installation, which can lead to higher costs to fix the problem.

Installation preparation

Once you decide whether to hire a professional or deal with countertop replacementHouse madeproject, you may be concerned about what preparations are necessary before installation. The kitchen must be cleaned and all items including utensils, cookware, dishes, groceries and appliances must be moved to gain access to the countertop.

ANDwardrobeor the ground has settled over time, creating a slight bend in the structure. While some countertop materials can flex if you choose a natural stone countertop, such asMarbleor granite, the curvature of the structure can cause the new countertop to crack. Make sure the cabinets are level within 1/8 inch above 10 feet to avoid this issue.

Another factor to consider is that your existing sink and faucet may need to be modified to fit the new countertop, or you may need to replace these plumbing parts with compatible alternatives. The sink and faucets, old or new, must be available for the countertop model. If this is not possible, measurement specifications are required, otherwise the project cannot be continued.

Materials for kitchen countertops

With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to choose the best one.Type of kitchen countertop materialfor your home There are affordable options with a variety of designs, colors and styles, e.g. B. Solid surface and laminate, although these materials are not very durable and may occasionally require repairs to maintain their appearance.

Hard, durable options like granite or marble look great but come at a high price. These materials are highly resistant to damage from heat and abrasion. However, keep in mind that you will need to reseal the countertop every year or two to prevent staining due to the porous nature of the stone.

Depending on the aesthetic you want, you can install stainless steel countertops, although this option can add an industrial or commercial feel to the kitchen. Soapstone countertops have gained popularity recently, although soapstone is similar to marble in that it stains easily if not sealed. non-porousquartzIt's a strong, stain-resistant, heat-resistant option if you're willing to pay the top price for this material.

Ultimately, you must consider durability, ease of maintenance, lifespan, cost, and personal aesthetics to arrive at the right kitchen countertop material for your home.


Replacing a kitchen counter is not an inexpensive project. If you're taking on the project yourself, you'll still have to pay for the materials, installation supplies, and tools you need but don't currently have, and you may also have to pay to remove the old countertop. It is also important to consider whether there are any electrical, gas or water connections that will need to be disconnected by a licensed plumber, electrician or gas fitter before the countertop can be replaced.

Managing these expenses and approaching your countertop replacement as a home improvement project can help you save anywhere from $10 to $30 per square foot in labor costs. Just remember that you assume all risk of materials and installation. So if something goes wrong, you bear the cost and responsibility of fixing the problem.

If you choose to hire a professional to complete this project, countertop installation typically costs between $1,859 and $4,341.However, the cost of such an installation can exceed $8,000 or be as low as $400, depending on materials, square footage, custom design, and a number of other factors.

Countertops typically cost per square foot, with an approximate range of $10 to $70 per square foot, depending on the material. If you are installing a large countertop, it may be best to go with a less expensive material to ensure you stay within your budget.

How to repair your kitchen countertops

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